About Company

A.G. SOLUTIONS was founded in 2015. Our board with over 7 years of experience in the field of corporate sales, business development and general management largely in the hospitality sector, is here to provide you with the same services as having your own in-house team. Our customer strategy services focus on creating business growth by uncovering and implementing the best ways to reach customers. Our approach to consulting services is through elements of expert experience, practicality, and economics. The results of partnering with A.G. Solutions are strategies that are not only sustainable over the long-term, but ones that truly drive growth organically.

Working with us will ensure that clients will receive comprehensive insights to identify new opportunities to expand growth.

The ultimate goal of all consulting services is to improve performance, gain market share and create leadership.

Alexander Serafimov

  • Business development ManagerFantasticStay
  • General ManagerTHE LODGE HOTEL, Borovets
  • Project Manager MEGAMI CLUB – Hotel Marinela Sofia
  • FounderA.G. Solutions
  • Sales DirectorCorso & La Terrazza Restaurants, Sofia
  • Sales & Business development ManagerLa Casa Restaurant, Sofia
  • Assistant ManagerLa Casa Restaurant, Sofia
  • Corporate Sales Manager YASTREBETS HOTEL WELLNESS & SPA, Borovets
  • Sales ManagerYASTREBETS HOTEL WELLNESS & SPA, Borovets